This Easter we’re running an Easter Treasure Trail around Crow Nest Park. If you’d like to join in, just head to the park, click on the link below and get searching for clues!

If you’d prefer a printable a map and clue sheet, just download a copy here:

Join us as we celebrate Easter

On Good Friday (2nd April) at 7pm we’ll be meeting online to remember and celebrate Jesus’ death on the cross. You can join us online on YouTube or Zoom – see our Livestream page for more details.

On Easter Sunday (4th April) we’ll be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection in our hybrid (in person and online) morning service. You can join us online via our Livestream page, or you can book to come along in person via our event page

The shops are full of chocolate eggs, chicks and bunnies - all things that are either delicious or cute. But the first Easter didn't involve any of these things.

2000 years ago, a man called Jesus was executed – killed by being nailed to wooden cross and left to die. Why would anyone want to remember, never mind celebrate, such a horrible, tragic event? 

The Bible tells us that, rather than being a tragedy, Jesus’ death on the cross was the greatest moment of victory in human history. Jesus wasn’t like us – flawed humans who mess up and rebel against God – Jesus was completely perfect, completely innocent. And he was fully God. 

As Jesus the innocent one died on the cross, he not only endured the physical pain of a cruel death, he also faced the punishment of God that we deserve.

If we’re trusting in Jesus, then when we remember Jesus on the cross, we remember that he has faced judgement instead of us  – we can see the cross as the most amazing day in history. 

And on Easter Sunday we remember that Jesus didn’t stay dead. After three days in a tomb, he rose to life again – proving that he is God, he has dealt with the punishment we deserve and, that just like him, we can have a certain hope of life beyond death.  

Read for yourself...

In our morning services we’ve been reading the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection found in Luke’s gospel. 

You can read it for yourself here