I’ve lived in Dewsbury most of my life. My eldest son Andrew first asked me to go to a church service with him and my wife Susan at our local chapel. He was six and my wife had taken him to chapel so he could learn the same things she had learnt when she was young

I went along with them about once a month. Later we began going to Dewsbury Evangelical Church. At this stage it would have been very easy for us to turn our backs on God. We had lost our youngest son and I was also out of work for the fifth time. But it was only now that the Bible made more sense to me. I saw how God had given his only Son, Jesus, so that I could have my sins forgiven if I was sorry for them and asked for forgiveness.

 Six months later I was sat in a church coffee morning where a speaker was explaining how people were converted and the effect it had on their lives. This was when I realised that this had also happened to me over the previous year or so. There were no flashes or bangs, just an inner peace. With hindsight I can see where and when God had spoken to me through the Bible and the witness of various people over this time (to whom I am always indebted).

 This is just the brief version of that time and what happened to me some thirty years ago. I have no regrets about being a Christian. I only wish I had been converted earlier!