“I was not the person I thought I was”

I came into contact with Dewsbury Evangelical Church through a science teacher at school. His in-laws led the youth work and he arranged for me to go along with them. I really enjoyed it and I made new friends who helped me cope with my parents' separation and subsequent divorce.

 I became a Christian when I was 14 at the end of a youth club weekend in Scarborough. Through studying the Bible that weekend I became acutely aware of my sinful heart and rebellion against God. I began to understand that I was not the person I thought I was and needed Jesus to save me from the punishment my sin deserves.

 I considered however putting off asking Jesus to save me. I was only a youngster and had my whole life ahead of me. And I was not too keen on the reaction I might get from my family and friends if I declared I was serious about following Jesus. But all that changed when I was challenged regarding my certainty that I had a long life ahead of me! I feared the eternal punishment in hell that I was due and all I could do was flee to Jesus to save me. The moment I asked him it was as if a huge weight fell from my shoulders. I knew I was now at peace with God. I was forgiven.

 Was it a flash in the pan? A teenage phase? Were it not for God’s daily kindness towards me (that I didn’t deserve) then it probably would have been. But since the day I came to know Jesus I have experienced his love through thick and thin. He was with me while away at university, during my days as a school teacher in London and now back here in Dewsbury again as a wife and mother.

Jesus is my one constant. His love towards me is unconditional, which is a good job, because I continue to need His forgiveness and help in my life. Thank you Jesus.