Our church is led by our Elders. This is the word most frequently used to described local church leaders in the Bible. Our Elders are responsible to God for our spiritual wellbeing, teaching us about God and how we are to live from the Bible, and praying for us corporately and as individuals regularly. 

Our Elders:

Daniel Grimwade (Pastor)

Leon Coates (Assistant Pastor)

Ian Goodson 

Martin Chamberlain

Colin Mountain

Ian Evans

Working alonside our Elders are the church Deacons. Our Deacons are “ready for anything” servants of the church who help organize and lead the church is many of it’s more practical matters, freeing our Elders to concentrate on the Word of God and Prayer. We’re thankful for them and their tireless, unpaid, undervalued work amongst us.

Our Deacons:

Pete Murgatroyd

Paul Brook

Jonathan Mason

Rachel Mason

David Donnelly

Martyn Bentham

Matthew Donnelly

Alan Barker

Jake Wharton