How we work

DEC, and all involved in the church, love Jesus Christ. Hence we want our lives, including our life together as a church, to be about getting him honour and praise. It’s simple really. He has rescued us from the punishment we deserve for our wrongdoing; and he has done it through his death for us and his glorious resurrection from the dead. So we seek to live our lives for him.  What does this mean in practice for us as a church? It means at least the following things.

1.       We believe that God’s honour matters more than anything else in life.

2.       We believe the ‘gospel’, the good news about Jesus.

3.       We learn from the Bible which is God’s book.

4.       We pray to God frequently.

5.       We love to meet together.

6.       We care for one another, and for people outside of the church.

7.       We enjoy our unity and diversity.

8.       We are fixed in our beliefs and flexible in the way we do things.

9.       We seek always to be mission-minded as a church.

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