9. We seek always to be mission-minded as a church.

God wants everyone to know about his Son Jesus, and to believe in him and so be saved. He has put us here in Dewsbury so that we can get to know our neighbours and speak to them of Jesus, backed up by a life of love and godliness. In that way we hope that people will be convinced of the truth of the message we share. We hope that our church will prove to be beacon for Christ in our town and beyond, as we seek to be a community of love and integrity. We are all involved in doing God’s work, whatever our calling in this world. We thank God for our leaders, including those who work full-time for our church, but we recognise that we all have a role to fulfil with them in the building up of the church and the spread of the gospel. We are also involved in supporting missionaries in other parts of the world, for we want all people to hear of our great God and his message of mercy.

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